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Unique axe throwing trailers for sale

The mobile axe throwing business has been exploding. But much like the fixed operation axe throwing, a lot of the offerings look a bit on the cheap side. You’ve probably seen the trailer, with a few posts welded on, then some hog wire screwed, tack welded, or zip tied in place. Then top it off with a few boards screwed to the front wall, and draw some circles, and call it an axe trailer.

If you are looking to buy a mobile axe venue, we invite you to compare our mobile axe throwing trailers to what you’ve seen in other offerings.

To begin with all Axcitement axe trailers feature 2 projected targets using the same technology as our fixed locations. Choose from multiple games for your customers, and even choose some special scoring options, like just 5 frames per game to allow for more throwers in a shorter period of time.

axe trailer with roof and lights

Innovative Targets

No bounce borders for safer throwing

The black anti bounce panels also make an excellent surface for projecting the score board, timer, and logo.

Logo, Time, Scoreboard are all adjustable within the software, and by having a large 4′ x 6′ area, you can easily set the components where they look best for your facility. 

We’ve even had arrange the logo and time to the sides of the no bounce borders if they did not have enough room at the top.

It’s really an extra large canvas that lets you arrange things how you wish.

Now when people pose for pictures with the score, your logo will be prominently displayed!

Full or Part Time

A complete business model

Especially in these times of people wanting to avoid crowded businesses, many want to have an event outside, and one that can come to them! Owning an axe trailer is an excellent way for part time, or full time revenue! Many axe trailer operator report revenues in excess of $1,200 a day.

Fairs, Carnivals, Bachelor Parties, or any other event is a great place to park an axe trailer.  Charging participants on average about a dollar a throw, allows a revenue in excess of $400 an hour. Or let people hire you and they can collect the money.

Axe Throwing as A B to B Model

An excellent business opportunity can be achieved by talking to local businesses to secure your axe trailer to help market their business. Simply talk to the local restaurant, bar, or any customer driven business, and offer to set up in their parking lot on any evening you are not booked.  We have had fast food joints offer a free series of throws for any order of $10 or more. Or try 5 throws for $5, and if you get 2 bullseyes get a free soda, etc.

And when calling to ask a business for a mutually productive marketing event you cn also see if they want to have a team building event.  This unique and exciting activity is an easy sell to any business owner.