Projection System

Premium Add On Games

  • Game pricing is per game per lane, and is a one time charge. There is no other fee, renewal or license associated with a game purchase.  As an example, if you have 6 lanes, but want to put Battleship on 2 of them, you go into your admin portal, and buy it for the 2 lanes you want at $100 each = $200.  You just pay your normal license fees for that lane, $25 per month, or $250 per year, and no other fees to keep playing Battleship on those two lanes. A video on how to purchase games can be found on our Youtube Channel –  Buying Axe games  

There is a minimum purchase requirement of 4 target systems. Plans for the End Grain Target Systems are included at no charge with a purchase of projection systems.

Note: In special circumstances, like trailer builds, we may waive the 4 target minimum.

  • The WC01 projector comes with a non-replaceable bulb rated for 6000 – 12,000 hours of use. However, upgrading to replaceable bulb projectors like the X49 is an option. Nevertheless, in our experience, we have observed that after approximately 6000 hours of usage, various components of the projector, such as the LCD panels, other electronic parts, etc., may begin to wear out, not just the bulb. Considering this, along with the initial increase in price for the upgrade and the cost of replacement bulbs, we have concluded that, financially speaking, it is more prudent for our location to continue using the existing projector and replace it when necessary.

    Based on our projected usage per week, this approach amounts to a cost of less than $10 per month per projector. Additionally, opting for replacement rather than repair is more feasible at this cost level. However, we understand that individual preferences may vary, and if you prefer to purchase your own projector or upgrade to the X49 despite these factors, you are welcome to do so. The decision ultimately rests with you.


End Grain Axe Throwing Target Systems

Note: depending on quantity, a complete End Grain system with metal clamping system can be shipped in the US by Freight and normally averages from $80 to $125 per set. Prices vary depending on exact location, accessibility, loading dock or ground delivery, etc. Sets can be picked up in our Lewisville (Dallas, TX) location. If you are interested in shipping, call for quotes.

End grain target components can only be purchased by individuals or companies that have purchased a minimum of 4 Target Systems and have a signed Non Disclosure Agreement on file.    (Read the Documents)

If you need to purchase for a trailer, or location that only has 2 lanes, contact us for infomation on orders smaller than 4 systems.

Complete Lane Build Outs

While prices can vary as virtually every job is a little different, here are some numbers for general planning of your facility. Prices listed do not include the required computer game projector systems. Pricing for the computer game projector systems are listed above.

Lanes Each
6+  $7000
5    $7500
4    $8500
3    $9500
2   $10,500
1   $12,000

Build options
Back Wall construction $50 per foot
Additional divider $1600
Burn finish $350 per lane
Rubber Flooring with inset line $7.50 per square foot

Trailer Pricing

Trailer pricing can vary widely depending on the options you choose. Pricing is based on pickup in the Dallas / Fort Worth area but delivery can be arranged. To get an exacting quote, contact us, but the following will give you ball park numbers for planning your new business venture.

Center divider $1385
Trailer delivery is $3.50 a loaded mile
Heaters $175 each includes heaver wiring
Fans $145 each
Roll down shade $115
Tongue mounted storage box $275
Heavy Duty hitch lock $295.00
Internal Trailer Accent Lighting $75
Under Carriage Glow Lighting System $275.00
Custom wheel package (includes 4 custom aluminum wheels and tires, 4 locking lug nuts, Spare tire, Jack, Lug wrench and spare tire mount) $1495.00
Full back enclosure with lockable door $1495