The Revolution In Axe Throwing Targets

End Grain Axe Throwing Targets

Watch a comparison of pine, cottonwood and end grain for axe throwing targets

Total Cost Savings

Standard Targets: $10 / Hour     End Grain Targets: $0.65 per hour!

If you are starting, or running an axe throwing business, the major cost besides facility over head is replacement wood costs.  On average, if you amortize in the costs of wood, the costs of labor, the costs of down time, you are probably experiencing a total cost of running a lane of about $10 per hour of throwing time.

With end grain targets, that cost will drop to less than a dollar an hour. We are actually at a cost of 65 cents per hour at my present locations for total wood costs per lane.  Extrapolate that out to your facility and compare the profits that can be had while giving your customers a better experience.

Cost Savings

Save money in material, and labor

Patent Pending Axe Lanes

Enchanced Experiences

end grain targets are super easy to stick

Cutting Wood for Axe Targets
Building Axe Throwing Targets

End Grain Axe throwing Targets

save labor

At times it probably seems like you employ carpenters instead of axe masters. How much time is used hauling wood, sorting boards, cutting boards, drawing circles, screwing boards to walls to make your axe throwing targets.

With a typical center board only lasting for an hour or two of  axe throwing, you have to spend a lot of labor dollars replacing them.  Now imagine only changing axe target boards every few weeks!


End Grain Axe Targets

save material cost

If you’ve been in the business long, you probably know your board foot costs to the penny including waste to replace your axe throwing targets. How many boards do you have to trash because of knots? And every few hours you are unscrewing boards and throwing away another $10 worth of wood, screws and magic maker circles.

Imagine an axe target system that you don’t touch for 50 hours, or 100 hours at a time. And then you don’t throw away boards, you just rearrange them! Or you replace a few of the middle boards.

Material costs calculated in pennies an hour instead of dollars.

Innovative Axe Targets

Save Down Time

One of the biggest costs in standard target systems is not the labor, it’s not the materials, it’s the down time. If you facility runs full, and you have to stop  to swap boards every few hours, in the course of a day – you’ve lost an hour. An hour of throwing time with 4-6 people could have netted you $100 to $200.  But the opportunity to bring in that extra revenue is gone if that time is spent screwing and unscrewing target boards.

Ninja Star Bullseye on Projected Axe Lane
Down time on Axe Lanes while changing targets
Axe Throwing at Zombies

End Grain Targets

Enhanced Customer Experience

The main reason for having end grain targets is an easy one. It’s not the labor savings.. It’s not the cost savings.. It’s not the time savings…

It’s Because Customers Love them!

Guess what?! Our industry is misnamed. We are not about axe throwing. We are about axe sticking.

If you just a hand a hallway and people could throw axes down the hall, how many would come? They want to see it stick. They want to score.

End Grain targets are used in knife throwing because they are so much easier to stick.

Now you can provide an experience where new throwers have virtually instant success and stick!

And end grain is also great for tactical tomahawks, throwing knives and ninja stars. Everything sticks better in end grain targets!

Innovative Targets

End Grain Axe throwing Targets have Two Problems. We solved them both!

End Grain Can't Take Axe Hits

With hundreds of hours of experimentation, we designed a proprietory system for making end grain axe targets that makes them sturdy enough to take axe hits, yet in a matter of minutes they can be disassembled and you can replace or rearrange any individual piece.

You Can't Draw On End Grain

You don’t need to!  It’s true that after 50 hours of throwing, the end grain can get a little beat up, but that only makes axes stick better! But you could not draw on it. You don’t have to! Just use our projection system and you never have to draw circles again.
End Grain Targets are safer

You have 3 Options

Make your own axe throwing targets Blocks

If you want to create your own targets with our system, you will need a large cut off saw, jointer, planer and table saw along with standard tools such as screw guns, hammer, etc.  We will provide you with pictures and instructions of a target block so you can produce them. We also offer the opportunity for you or your wood workers to come to our location to learn how to manufacture and assemble our target systems.

Buy Components from us

The most labor intensive and skilled item is creating the actual blocks themselves. This will require that you have wood working tools such as a large cut off saw, jointer, planer and table saw.

A standard suggested target uses a 7 x 7 grid measuring just over 3′ x 3′.  Each block weighs approx 3 lbs, so a 49 block target would weigh about 150 lbs.

The clamping system that holds the blocks together consists of heavy tube and angle iron, bolts, etc. That hardware kit can be made yourself or purchased and shipped, or picked up in Dallas.  We normally see about $80 per target with blocks and frames for shipping costs depending on quantity.

Have us do a turn key install

If you don’t have the time, tools, or desire to build your target yourself, we can bring a crew to your location and build your targets for you.

Let us know how many target you want, your location, and we will work with you to determine how much work you want us to do.

We will work with you to determine a pricing for constructing your targets in your location. Give us a call and we will discuss the options!


End Grain Axe Throwing Target Systems

Note: depending on quantity, a complete End Grain system with metal clamping system can be shipped in the US by Freight and normally averages from $80 to $125 per set. Prices vary depending on exact location, accessibility, loading dock or ground delivery, etc. Sets can be picked up in our Lewisville (Dallas, TX) location. If you are interested in shipping, call for quotes.

End grain target components can only be purchased by individuals or companies that have purchased a minimum of 4 Target Systems and have a signed Non Disclosure Agreement on file.    (Read the Documents)

If you need to purchase for a trailer, or location that only has 2 lanes, contact us for infomation on orders smaller than 4 systems.