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save with end-grain wooden blocks for axe throwing targets

Chop cost, not quality!

Stop Wasting money!

Standard Targets:

End-Grain Targets:

If you’re in the business of starting or running an axe throwing establishment, you’ll quickly realize that one of the most significant expenses, apart from facility overhead, is the ongoing cost of replacing wood. When you take into account the expenses associated with wood, labor, and downtime, the total cost of maintaining a throwing lane can easily add up to approximately $10 per hour of throwing time.

However, when you switch to using end grain targets, you’ll see a remarkable reduction in this cost, dropping to less than a dollar per hour. In fact, at our current locations, we’ve managed to achieve an outstanding wood cost of only 65 cents per hour per lane. Now, consider the potential for increased profits at your own facility while also offering your customers a vastly improved experience.

Axe Throwing Targets
Pine vs. Cottonwood vs. End-Grain

We are not in the business of throwing axes. We're in the business of Sticking Axes

'Stick' with efficiency and thrills using end grain blocks

Tired of the carpentry work and constant board replacement in your axe throwing setup? Say goodbye to time-consuming labor and wasted materials. With our innovative axe target system, you can enjoy weeks without board changes. Say hello to cost-effective, hassle-free, and efficient axe throwing.

Plus, experience a boost in customer satisfaction as they enjoy the thrill of axes sticking to end-grain wooden targets. Whether you’re into axe sticking, knife throwing, or other target sports, our end-grain targets are designed to enhance your success and create a memorable experience.

Save on Time

Labor Saving End-Grain Blocks

Save on Material

Material Saving cost on boards

Save Downtime

Keeping your lanes running

Don't just throw axes, Stick them!

Enhanced Customer Experience

Changing the way you look at axe throwing targets

Reinventing Axe Throwing with End-Grain Targets that Withstand Every Hit

After extensive experimentation spanning hundreds of hours, we've meticulously crafted an exclusive system for producing end grain axe targets. These targets boast exceptional durability, capable of withstanding axe hits with ease. What sets our design apart is its ingenious modularity – in just a few minutes, the targets can be effortlessly disassembled, allowing you to replace or rearrange any individual piece. This ensures not only resilience but also unparalleled flexibility for a dynamic axe-throwing experience.

No need to draw circles on end-grain wood

Say goodbye to wasting time and money drawing circles on targets! Our end-grain targets may show some wear and tear after 50+ hours of throws, but don't fear - it only enhances the axes ability to stick! By utilizing our projection system your opting for hassle and circle drawing free fun!

Crafting Versatility

Building Your Ultimate Axe Throwing Experience


Make your own axe throwing blocks

To craft your own targets using our system, you’ll require a set of specialized woodworking tools, including a large cut-off saw, jointer, planer, and table saw, in addition to standard tools like screw guns and hammers. We’ll supply you with comprehensive visual references and step-by-step instructions for creating the target blocks, ensuring a seamless production process.

For those seeking a hands-on learning experience, we extend the invitation for you and your woodworking team to visit our location. Here, you can receive in-depth training on manufacturing and assembling our target systems, allowing you to gain practical expertise and maximize the efficiency of your target production.

Let us do it for you

Purchase axe throwing block components from us

Creating the actual blocks is the most labor-intensive and skill-demanding aspect of this endeavor. To craft these blocks, you’ll need a range of woodworking tools, including a large cut-off saw, jointer, planer, and table saw.

For a standard target, we recommend using a 7 x 7 grid, measuring just over 3 feet by 3 feet. Each block weighs approximately 3 pounds, so a 49-block target will total around 150 pounds.

The clamping system that securely holds the blocks together is constructed with robust materials, including heavy tubes and angle iron, along with bolts and other essential components. You have the option to either create this hardware kit yourself or conveniently purchase and have it shipped to your location, or you can pick it up in Dallas. Shipping costs for targets complete with blocks and frames can vary depending on the quantity ordered.If you have any questions or would like to inquire about specific shipping costs, please feel free to reach out to us.


Opt for a Hassle-Free Turnkey Installation

If you lack the time, tools, or inclination to construct your targets independently, we offer the convenience of a professional installation team ready to come to your location and handle the task for you.

Simply share with us your target quantity and your location, and we’ll collaborate with you to tailor the extent of the work you’d like us to undertake. We’re flexible and eager to accommodate your specific needs.

When it comes to pricing for on-location target construction, we’re committed to working closely with you to ensure a fair and tailored solution. Feel free to reach out to us for a conversation about the available options.

"axe-ceed" Expectations with Axecitement!

You Don't have to use end-grain wood to use our system

At Axcitement, we’re dedicated to fueling your axe throwing venue with unmatched flexibility. While we highly recommend our end-grain targets for a top-notch, budget-friendly experience, we recognize that each venue has its own character. That’s why our projected axe throwing system seamlessly adapts to any setup, ensuring your creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re revamping an existing lane or starting anew, our technology lays the groundwork for a memorable axe throwing adventure.

Check out these Axcitement customers who not only use our system on traditional boards but also on rounds too. With us, it’s more than just a purchase; it’s an invitation to explore endless possibilities where your imagination reigns supreme. Experience the future of axe throwing innovation today with Axcitement.