Have the Safest Lanes

Axe Bounce Back Can Be Stopped!

Patent Pending Axe Lanes

Safest Lane Design

Virtually eliminates bouncing

Better Projection

Makes for crisp scoreboard view

Cost Savings

Save money in material, and labor

Let's make it safer

You've seen the Axe bounce back videos

They always go viral on YouTube!

And probably had to talk to customers about it.. Axe bounceback is a possibility, and someone could get hit. But it does not have to be that way. The axe bounce back in the video we’ve all seen is due to inferior target and lane design.

If you look at the board below any target, you will see that get hit a lot. They are always chopped up. And an axe thrown that over rotates, but hits a bit low can cause axe bounce back by hitting the floor, then the footer below the target, then come back toward the thrower.

There is an easy way to solve this axe bounce back problem that is so unique that we are filing patents on the design of our no bounce system. By building an anti bounce surround to the target, the energy from an poorly thrown thrown axe is absorbed and they fall harmlessly to the ground a few feet from the target.

Why doesn’t everyone adopt this easy method? Perhaps they would prefer to require logos painted on the boards than protect the customers from harm?

But you can set up your lanes to stop axe bounce back.

Now when people ask why they should throw at your location, you will have a very good reason to tell them. Because you’ve invested in their safety, to maximize their axe throwing experience.

axe bounce back

Innovative Targets

Better Projetion for Logo & Score board

The black anti bounce panels also make an excellent surface for projecting the score board, timer, and logo.

Logo, Time, Scoreboard are all adjustable within the software, and by having a large 4′ x 6′ area, you can easily set the components where they look best for your facility. 

We’ve even had arrange the logo and time to the sides of the no bounce borders if they did not have enough room at the top.

It’s really an extra large canvas that lets you arrange things how you wish.

Now when people pose for pictures with the score, your logo will be prominently displayed!

Innovative Axe Targets

Clean look with less cost

We realize that people normally throw low – that is why the boards below the target are so beat up. They take a lot of abuse, and not only to stop the bouncing, but to keep your facility looking cleaner, more professional and stop creating splinters and wood scrap.

Our no bounce borders can be set up for just above the target, above and below, or ideally, above, below and on both sides.

That will give you the cleanest look and the best cost savings from zero wood and labor costs for the area around the targets.

Standard axe lanes chop wood

How to qualify to get our No Bounce target Surround systems

Our systems are only available to facilities that agree and commit to use our projection system on at least 2 targets. We have an exclusive license agreement that states that you will have the right to use our propitiatory system for as many lanes that you also license our projection system for. If for any reason, you decide to stop using our projector systems, you agree to stop using our no bounce system. Contact us to order your projection systems and get your plans for the no bounce borders.