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If you’re considering hiring an axe manufacturing company to install axe throwing lanes, you’re likely debating between doing it yourself or hiring someone for the construction. If DIY tasks aren’t your forte, you may be choosing between a local contractor and a dedicated axe lane construction specialist. Cost is a factor, as well as the appearance of the finished product and the construction timeline.

Take a look at some examples of axe throwing lane installations our company has completed in recent months. If you’re interested in having axe lanes built at your location, feel free to reach out. We’ll gladly provide a ballpark quote over the phone.

And if you want to DIY, We'll even give you the plans!

We just want you to be successful, so if buying our projected systems, we’ll give you documents on how to build lanes, how to build end grain targets, and how to put up no-bounce borders.  We even have an employee handbook for you to train your staff!

So, whether you use your contractors, or ours, we will help you in any way we can.

From Empty Building to
Custom Five axe lane build out

Our client wanted to enhance their Family Fun Center in Salina, Kansas, we were entrusted with the unique task of constructing enclosed axe lanes. The challenge was to create a dedicated space for axe throwing while ensuring onlookers could still enjoy the excitement. Our solution involved crafting a purpose-built structure around the lanes, complete with chain-link windows that allow spectators to witness the action from outside the room.

This distinctive build not only transformed the Family Fun Center but also exemplifies our commitment to innovative designs tailored to our clients’ specific needs. If you have a vision for your space that requires a creative touch, let’s collaborate to bring it to life.

Maximizing space
three AXE THROWING LANES within compact 18'x20' area

In the face of limited space constraints, our team demonstrated unparalleled flexibility and ingenuity by successfully installing three axe throwing lanes within a compact area. Our client, who initially had minimal space, marveled at our ability to tailor the design to their specific needs. Our commitment to flexibility ensures that your vision for axe throwing lanes can come to life, no matter the spatial challenges. Discover the perfect balance of excitement and efficiency with our customized solutions crafted for your unique space.

Transforming existing
axe lanes for optimal efficiency

Our client entrusted us with the task of revamping their existing axe lanes for optimal efficiency. With our expertise and innovative approach, we undertook the challenge, meticulously reconfiguring the layout and enhancing the functionality of each lane. Through strategic adjustments and precision craftsmanship, we transformed their space into a haven of efficiency, ensuring seamless operations and an unparalleled experience for enthusiasts and novices alike.

Transforming your space
with clean and quiet lanes

The Boat House in Yankton, SD, boasting Golf Simulators, sought a noise-conscious solution. Our end grain targets proved transformative. After visiting our Dallas location to compare sound, they chose us for a complete installation. Our innovative solution not only met sound requirements but also saved over $20,000 in planned soundproofing for the golf area. Moreover, they enjoyed a cost savings of over $8,000 compared to other quotes. Our superior end product delivers unparalleled value, merging quiet elegance with affordability.

Custom axe lane build-out costs

Precision in Every Install
Our Exclusive Independent Contractor Brings Excitement to Axe Throwing Lanes

While individual project costs can vary due to unique requirements, here are estimated figures for your facility planning:

Cost per lane: