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Axe Throwing Lane Construction

If you are thinking of hiring an axe manufacturing company for installing axe throwing lanes, you are probably torn between doing it yourself, or hiring someone to do the lane construction for you. If you are not a DIY saws and hammer kind of guy, you might be deciding between a local contractor, and bringing in someone who does axe lane construction full time.  Obviously, the cost is a factor, but also what is the finished product going to look like and how long with the construction of the axe throwing lanes take.

The rest of this page will show some examples of some installations of axe throwing lanes our company has done over the last few months. Feel free to reach out if looking to have someone build axe lanes in your location.  We will be happy to give you a ballpark quote over the phone.

In Empty Building

5 Axe Lane Build Out

This client hired us to build axe lanes inside a large Family Fun Center. This build out of the axe lanes was a little different as they also wanted to enclose the axe lanes so other guests could not enter.  Our company manufactured a surrounding building to house the throwing lanes, but with chain link windows, spectators can watch the action from outside the room.

Installed in Salina Kansas.

3 Axe Throwing Lanes Installed in just 18' x 20' Space

Building Axe Lanes inside a building

6 lane build out inside a FEC in Colorado

Build out inside an existing business in North Carolina

End Grain Axe Targets

Clean and Quiet

This customer, The Boat House in Yankton SD also features some Golf Simulators and needed to keep the sound down.  Our end grain targets were the trick! They came down to our location in Dallas to compare the difference in sound, and hired us to do a complete install. The difference in sound saved him over $20,000 in additional soundproofing he was preparing to do to keep the golf are quieter. All while saving over $8000 on his complete install over other quotes he had gotten for basic WATL lanes with no safety dividers, no anti-bounce borders, no projected targets, no end grain targets. A superior end product with a lower cost.

Company to construct axe lanes
Construction of 10 axe lanes inside

The installs are done by an independent contractor that works with us.

While prices can vary as virtually every job is a little different, here are some numbers for general planning of your facility:

Lanes Each
6+  $7000
5    $7500
4    $8500
3    $9500
2   $10,500
1   $12,000

Build options
Back Wall construction $50 per foot
Additional divider $1600
Burn finish $350 per lane
Rubber Flooring with inset line $7.50 per square foot