The Revolution In Axe Throwing Targets

Auto Detection
Self Scoring Targets

Now Shipping and just $450 add on for each lane.

Customers throw and the system will detect their hits and misses!

Self Detection Add On Module

Choose to self score, or use detection auto scoring!

Using a combination of infrared, laser and 3D technology, our add on detection module can now track and score your hits for you! This adds an entirely new dimension to the system that your customers will love. It works great on our original games, but with the detection system, we will also give you our new moving target game: Axteroids!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! If using end grain target systems with no bounce borders, you will position the sensors above and just in front of the top rubber mat.  If using conventional targets, you will place it above the target and just build a little protection box for it.

No! There are no extra fees for the detection system. You just buy the system, and that’s it!

Well, let’s be honest. If sensors were 100% accurate, self driving cars wouldn’t be running over pedestrians! But if you set it up properly, you will see it’s very accurate. And if you disagree with the score or hit it gave you, you can always just click Undo or over ride any scoring with a click of the mouse.

You will have to mount the sensor  and use the 19′ of provided cable to plug into the computer. Then its a matter of getting the system tuned in. Using the software you will tell the sensor where the corners of your target are and adjust the sensitivity of the system for your lanes.

The first one may take tinkering for a half our or so, but once you understand how all the settings work, you should be able to set on up in about 5 – 10 minutes after mounting the hardware.

Nope!  We have it set so it the axe bounces off, it will not count that.  At my facility, for our new throwers, we get them sticking on almost every throw (the end grain sure helps!) so if they do bounce, we let them try again. But if you want to have a bounce cancel a turn, just click miss!

Another reason for  End Grain targets! But if you are using conventional targets, and a splinter is large enough to look like an axe to the detector, you should remove it!

The detection module is a $450 add on to the Axcitement projector system.