The Revolution In Axe Throwing Targets

Auto Detection
Self Scoring Targets

Customers throw and the system will detect their hits and misses!

Self Detection Add On Module

Choose to self score, or use detection auto scoring!

Using a combination of infrared, laser and 3D technology, our add on detection module can now track and score your hits for you! This adds an entirely new dimension to the system that your customers will love. It works great on our original games, but with the detection system, we will also give you our new moving target game: Axteroids!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! If using end grain target systems with no bounce borders, you will position the sensors behind the rubber mats.  If using conventional targets, you will place it above the target and just build a little protection box for it.

No! There are no extra fees for the detection system. You just by the system, and that’s it!

Well, let’s be honest. If sensors were 100% accurate, self driving cars wouldn’t be running over pedestrians! But if you set it up properly, you will see it’s very accurate. And if you disagree with the score or hit it gave you, you can always just click Undo or over ride any scoring with  click of the mouse.

You will have to mount the sensor and IR / Laser emitter to your wall and get power to that.  Then mount the sensor and use the 19′ of provided cable to plug into the computer. Then its a matter of getting the system tuned in. Using the software you will tell the sensor where the corners of your target are and adjust the sensitivity of the system for your lanes. The first one may take tinkering for a half our or so, but once you understand how all the settings work, you should be able to set on up in about 5 – 10 minutes after mounting the hardware.

Nope!  We have it set so it the axe bounces off, it will not count that.  At my facility, for our new throwers, we get them sticking on almost every throw (the end grain sure helps!) so if they do bounce, we let them try again. But if you want to have a bounce cancel a turn, just click miss!

Another reason for  End Grain targets! But if you are using conventional targets, and a splinter is large enough to look like an axe to the detector, you should remove it!

The detection module is a $600 add on to the Axcitement projector system.

Innovative Axe Targets

Save Down Time

One of the biggest costs in standard target systems is not the labor, it’s not the materials, it’s the down time. If you facility runs full, and you have to stop  to swap boards every few hours, in the course of a day – you’ve lost an hour. An hour of throwing time with 4-6 people could have netted you $100 to $200.  But the opportunity to bring in that extra revenue is gone if that time is spent screwing and unscrewing target boards.

Ninja Star Bullseye on Projected Axe Lane
Down time on Axe Lanes while changing targets
Axe Throwing at Zombies

End Grain Targets

Enhanced Customer Experience

The main reason for having end grain targets is an easy one. It’s not the labor savings.. It’s not the cost savings.. It’s not the time savings…

It’s Because Customers Love them!

Guess what?! Our industry is misnamed. We are not about axe throwing. We are about axe sticking.

If you just a hand a hallway and people could throw axes down the hall, how many would come? They want to see it stick. They want to score.

End Grain targets are used in knife throwing because they are so much easier to stick.

Now you can provide an experience where new throwers have virtually instant success and stick!

And end grain is also great for tactical tomahawks, throwing knives and ninja stars. Everything sticks better in end grain targets!

Innovative Targets

End Grain Axe throwing Targets have Two Problems. We solved them both!

End Grain Can't Take Axe Hits

With hundreds of hours of experimentation, we designed a proprietory system for making end grain axe targets that makes them sturdy enough to take axe hits, yet in a matter of minutes they can be disassembled and you can replace or rearrange any individual piece.

You Can't Draw On End Grain

You don’t need to!  It’s true that after 50 hours of throwing, the end grain can get a little beat up, but that only makes axes stick better! But you could not draw on it. You don’t have to! Just use our projection system and you never have to draw circles again.
End Grain Targets are safer