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Projected Axe Targets

Standard Slat or End Wood Targets

Works with your existing targets, or add new

Huge Labor Savings

No more drawing circles, buying markers or paint

Enchanced Experiences

Players love multiple game options

Built in Scoring and Timers

No more paper work or chalk boards

Innovative Targets

Labor Savings

You probably have spent hours drawing circles on boards. You have boxes of used up magic markers in black, red and blue. Your friends probably even make fun of your hand writing for the way you make a 3. It’s ok. This will fix it all.

Imagine never drawing circles again. You just click the remote and your circles appear. Or, with a click of a mouse, zombies, tic tac toe, or any other game your choose. All with no labor costs in target preparation.

Add material and labor savings by using our proprietary end grain target system and the savings are even more extreme.
axe score board
draw axe targets

Innovative Targets

Standard Slat or End Wood Targets

One of the huge benefits of projected target systems is that you have the abiity to use end wood targets. We all know that end wood targets are much easier to stick, and last up to 100 times longer than standard targets, but the draw back has always been that when they start to get used, it’s difficult if not impossible to draw targets on them.
With projected targets it does not matter what condition the target surface is. This means you can use use easy stick end wood targets and still have crisp images without the need to draw.

And projected targets work just as good on standard slat board targets as well.

Innovative Targets

Built in Scoring and Timers

Built in presets lets your axemaster start a count down timer for the lane. Once it hits zero, it freezes play, but you can add more time if they want to purchase it and the lane is available. Then just add 15 minutes, 30, etc.

The scoring system allows players to choose from our “axe pun” names or type in their own. Choose to have from 1 to 6 throwers per target. Simply clicking on the target where the axe hit adds the score to the game.

axe score board

Moving Bullseye

An exciting twist on a standard target game is the moving bullseye. Customers get bored throwing at the same spot over and over, plus that wears out one spot on your targets. By having the bullseye move each frame, you get to use the entire target so you are not just destroying one area.

For the first frame the bullseye is in the center for all the throwers. When that frame finishes, the bullseye moves to an upper left spot, about where a clutch or kill shot would be in conventional throwing. Next frame it adjusts to a lower right hand position, then upper right followed by lower left.  By the 5 the fifth frame we are back to the center.

You also have the ability to turn this feature off and just leave the target centered the entire time if you wish.

Tic Tac Toe

A classic game made more fun with axes! Pick X (axes) or O (targets) for your team and throw. Where you hit, just click and you get that square. But if the other team hits that spot, it clears it! So you can play offense and defense.

Be careful though, if you hit your own mark, that will also clear it. First team to get 3 in a row wins.

New throwers, we let a hit on a line give you the choice of the square on either side… get a little more accurate, you must have your axe be in a box and not touching a line to count!

A great game that is a ton of fun and challenging from a strategy standpoint as well as throwing accuracy!

Ninja Star Bullseye on Projected Axe Lane
Axe Throwing at Zombies

are your customers bored with boards?

Enhanced Customer Experience

Let’s be honest, some of your customers are just as bored throwing at circles as you are drawing them! Offering an option of different games they can easily switch back and forth to will add to their experience, prolong playing times, and increase return visits.

How it Works.

A projector is hung from the ceiling, or a support, approximately 12 feet in front of the target, and 12 feet up. This has it pointing down at about a 40 degree angle. A computer is located next to the projector, and a wireless mouse and keyboard are placed on the scoring table for that target.

Using the admin settings, you set your logo and then size and move components around to fit on your particular lane design.

You can also set default settings for timers – so if you’re facility offers 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions, you modify your timer settings to reflect that. Then your axemaster can easily start the game when the customers time starts.

Watch A Video on the system

Common Questions

No. The customer will simply take the mouse, and click where the mouse hit. It’s fast and easy.

We might add self detection add ons in the future, but unfortunately, the accuracy is not close enough to be a good viable solution at this point. We see customers getting frustrated with self detection as it can’t discern a hit or a miss when it’s close. And just clicking with the mouse is easy (and kind of fun!)

Included is basic targets, hit 10 (zombie game) and Tic Tac Toe.

Yes. The system uses internet for some of the game features, but most games can actually be played even if the internet goes out. So a glitch in your internet will not stop you from using it for targets, zombies, etc. But it is necessary for your system to have internet available as it has to “phone home” occasionally to check for updates.

It requires aa hard wired internet and if you don’t have cables near your lanes, check out this article.

We will be developing more and more games, and when available, you will be able to add them to your targets for a nominal fee ranging from $50 to $125 per game.