The MOst Projected Axe Target Games!

Standard Slat or End Wood Targets

Works with your existing targets, or add new

Huge Labor Savings

No more drawing circles, buying markers or paint

Enchanced Experiences

Players love multiple game options

Built in Scoring and Timers

No more paper work or chalk boards


The classic dart game is now available for axe throwing! Close out the numbers before your opponents to finish them off! Go for the triple scores to close faster!

You can also opt for the scored version and get points for your closed numbers!  Sound confusing?! No worries, our axe masters will show you, and with the game doing the scoring for you… it just throw and click!

21 or Bust!

Our newest game might just be our best! This $100 add on game features great animation of cards being dealt face down. Then each player gets a throw, and whatever card they hit flips over. Then the entire deck flips over revealing all the other choices.

You can aim for the card you want… even a card someone else has and steal it! When hit the cards rotate and fly up, then settle back on the board and duplicate onto the score board.

The cards flip and shuffle each series. The first player to hit 21 exactly wins… but careful, if you bust, your cards explode and you start over at 0.

Tic Tac Toe

A classic game made more fun with axes! Pick X (axes) or O (targets) for your team and throw. Where you hit, just click and you get that square. But if the other team hits that spot, it clears it! So you can play offense and defense.

Be careful though, if you hit your own mark, that will also clear it. First team to get 3 in a row wins.

New throwers, we let a hit on a line give you the choice of the square on either side… get a little more accurate, you must have your axe be in a box and not touching a line to count!

A great game that is a ton of fun and challenging from a strategy standpoint as well as throwing accuracy!

Choose from 5 or 6 ring targets

Experienced players some times find that a 6 or 7 inch bullseye is just not challenging enough! Our target systems gives the admin all the flexibility they need to change from 5 to 10 frame games, with or without kill shots in 5th and 10th frames, and now you can choose from 5 or 6 ring targets.

Recreational night? Make it 5 rings so more new players get more bullseyes.  Doing a league or tournament? Crank up the difficulty a notch by switching to 6 ring in your admin panel!

Moving Bullseye

An exciting twist on a standard target game is the moving bullseye. Customers get bored throwing at the same spot over and over, plus that wears out one spot on your targets. By having the bullseye move each frame, you get to use the entire target so you are not just destroying one area.

For the first frame the bullseye is in the center for all the throwers. When that frame finishes, the bullseye moves to an upper left spot, about where a clutch or kill shot would be in conventional throwing. Next frame it adjusts to a lower right hand position, then upper right followed by lower left.  By the 5 the fifth frame we are back to the center.

You also have the ability to turn this feature off and just leave the target centered the entire time if you wish.

Clutch / Kill Shot Dots

You have the ability to toggle on or off kill shot dots in the outer ring that will appear in the 5th and 10th frame and be worth 8 points for a hit. This feature even works with the moving bullseye option

Hit 10 - the Zombie Killing Game

Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse and fine tune your throwing skills while trying to take out all 10 zombies without hitting the friendly (albeit scared) yellow emoji. A game of nerves to take out the zombies one at a time!

Line Up 4

A classic game that will take your skill and logic to beat your opponent. Hit any column and your color chip falls. Get 4 to line up across, up and down, or diagnally for the win!

IATF Target

We are proud to be working with the IATF team and bring the first authorized projection target for sanctioned tournaments and leagues on an international level. And IATF Member locations get to add this target system at no charge to their systems.

IATF Projected Target

Duck Hunter

A flock of different ducks become your new target – but let’s not hit the rubber ducky ok??  Each duck gives you a point, but the rubber ducky is -2. Choose to do this in a 5 or 10 frame game.

A Burst of Feathers

And when you score….  feathers explode over the screen! And your victim spirals off the board.

Merry Axe-mas!

Our newly released seasonal game will keep your customers coming back for more! Bust the ornaments, star and stockings, with the larger items worth less points, and the smaller ones become harder – but a better pay out!

Be careful however.. you don’t want to damage the presents!

Date Night

Just $25 for this game… brought out at Valentines but our customers told us to change the name because they are using it every week as a fun Date Night Game.

Innovative Targets

Labor Savings

You probably have spent hours drawing circles on boards. You have boxes of used up magic markers in black, red and blue. Your friends probably even make fun of your hand writing for the way you make a 3. It’s ok.

Imagine never drawing circles again. You just click the remote and your circles appear. Or, with a click of a mouse, zombies, tic tac toe, or any other game your choose. All with no labor costs in target preparation.

Add material and labor savings by using our proprietary end grain target system and the savings are even more extreme.
axe score board
draw axe targets

Innovative Targets

Standard Slat or End Wood Targets

One of the huge benefits of projected target systems is that you have the abiity to use end wood targets. We all know that end wood targets are much easier to stick, and last up to 100 times longer than standard targets, but the draw back has always been that when they start to get used, it’s difficult if not impossible to draw targets on them.
With projected targets it does not matter what condition the target surface is. This means you can use use easy stick end wood targets and still have crisp images without the need to draw.

And projected targets work just as good on standard slat board targets as well.

Innovative Targets

Built in Scoring and Timers

Built in presets lets your axemaster start a count down timer for the lane. Once it hits zero, it freezes play, but you can add more time if they want to purchase it and the lane is available. Then just add 15 minutes, 30, etc.

The scoring system allows players to choose from our “axe pun” names or type in their own. Choose to have from 1 to 6 throwers per target. Simply clicking on the target where the axe hit adds the score to the game.

axe score board
Ninja Star Bullseye on Projected Axe Lane
Axe Throwing at Zombies

are your customers bored with boards?

Enhanced Customer Experience

Let’s be honest, some of your customers are just as bored throwing at circles as you are drawing them! Offering an option of different games they can easily switch back and forth to will add to their experience, prolong playing times, and increase return visits.

How it Works.

A projector is hung from the ceiling, or a support, approximately 12 feet in front of the target, and 12 feet up. This has it pointing down at about a 40 degree angle.  The nice thing is, if you don’t have 12′, you can put it at 11, or 10, or even on it’s side 8 feet back and 8 feet up. With the adjustments in the projector settings and the software settings, you will not find a system that is as flexible as this. A computer that measures just 4″ x 4″ by 1″ is located next to the projector, and a wireless mouse and keyboard are placed on the scoring table for that target.

Using the admin settings, you set your logo and then size and move components around to fit on your particular lane design.

You can also set default settings for timers – so if you’re facility offers 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions, you modify your timer settings to reflect that. Then your axemaster can easily start the game when the customers time starts.

The system is so easy to use and intuitive, you will just let your guests choose games, handle scoring, etc, which will drop your labor costs, or feel free to have your Axe Masters guide them through the different games and help with the scoring.

Common Questions

It’s up to you! The stock system can save you money, and the customers simply click a mouse to score. We do have a Self-Detection Axe module you can add which will automatically detect where the axe hit and score for you!  This module will be released at the IAAPA Show, Nov 2022.

With the self detection and auto scoring, it also will have an additional game with incredible moving targets to hit!  Set up a demo when you want to check it all out!

Included is Basic Targets, Rotating Targets, Zombie Hunter, Duck Hunter, Line Up 4, Tic Tac Toe, and Merry Axe-mas.

Yes. The system uses internet for some of the game features, but most games can actually be played even if the internet goes out. So a glitch in your internet will not stop you from using it for targets, zombies, etc. But it is necessary for your system to have internet available as it has to “phone home” occasionally to check for updates. It requires a hard wired internet and if you don’t have cables near your lanes, check out this article.

We will be developing more and more games, and when available, you will be able to add them to your targets for a nominal fee ranging from $50 to $125 per game.

Axe Throwing Glow Party

Projected Targets Look great for Axe Throwing Glow Parties!

One of our customers, The Wood Shed Axe Throwing in Canada uses our target systems and the look really compliments their popular glow Parties! No need to paint up targets with glowing paint… just hand out some glowing accessories, paint some axe handles, and you have a great twist to normal throwing!

Or here is a video from BCS Axe house

The premier axe destination in the college town area of Bryan College Station Texas, BCS Axe House hosts periodic Glow Throw parties. Again, you can see no special paint required – the targets look amazing in the dark glowing environment.

Projection System

There is a minimum purchase requirement of 4 target systems. Plans for the End Grain Target Systems are included at no charge with a purchase of projection systems.

Note: In special circumstances, like trailer builds, we may waive the 4 target minimum.

Warranty Information

All of our projector and computer systems now come with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty does not cover projector bulbs which typically last well over a year depending on the number of days and hours you are open, and are the bulbs are inexpensive to replace; about $90 for an official Epson replacement or Amazon has some after market replacements for about $45.

The was our warranty works is this: If your account license is up to date, that is to say, you are in your first year of use, or you have renewed your annual license, if anything goes wrong with the computer or projector, we will fix or replace it at no charge to you other than shipping.  Just call us up, let us know, ship it back, and we will get you fixed up right away!

So, with a lifetime warranty, do you need a backup? Obviously the worry would be if a computer decided to die on a Friday night and you are very busy, you may be a lane down for a few days.

Then if a computer fails, you just unplug the existing unit, plug in the new one. It will be set with a temporary authorization code to instantly start working. Take the one that is not working, and ship it back to us. We will send out a replacement unit, and reactivate all the applicable codes.

Warranty covers the unit malfunctioning but does not cover water damage, fire damage or electrical spike damage. It is highly suggested that you use a spike protector on all sensitive electronic devices.

Do I need backup?

This is a question only you can truly answer. So we are dealing with electronics here.  We worked with several manufacturers and tested dozens of units until we found the ones we wanted. We drop tested, we heat tested, you name it. And we have what we consider to be a very dependable product.

The truth however is this is using electronic devices. And you’ve had a lot of electronic devices in your life.  Ever have a smart phone die? A TV, Computer? A Tablet? How about a refridgerate board go out, or an air conditioner? Computer on your car have a problem?

I googled statistics on tablets, and say that 18% die in 3 years. Laptops even higher percentage. I’m proud to say we have had less than 1% have a problem in 2 years of running.

But, you get the point. Anything can happen with electronics, and one day it probably will. So whether you need a backup is up to you. If you have 16 of our systems, and hardly ever fill up, it may not be necessary. Can you get through a weekend if one does go down.  That’s the question. If not, a spare computer is just $150, and there is no annual license fee for it, so if anything goes wrong, you can just remove the old one, plug in the new one and you are back up and running.  You can also buy a backup projector for $345 and we give you a backup keyboard and mouse with your order, but you can even have an extra set for $25.00

Feel free to talk to us about adding an extra computer or any other extra component.