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Creator and only authorized installer of the Patent Pending Axe throwing Anti Bounce Borders and end grain projected targets for an experience that is safer and more fun!

Patent Pending Axe Lanes

Time for a change

The evolution

Stop Drawing Circles!

It's true that it is difficult to draw on end wood targets, but the good news is you don't have to! Our proprietary system allows you to project your targets onto the wood. Choose from different games, and enjoy digital interactive scoring the customers can run themselves.

The result is a lane that enhances the customer experience while you save the additional labor time and down time that conventional systems require.

Traditional Axe Throwing Targets

For centuries, axe throwing was done using a target from a slice out of a tree. For modern day axe facilities this is not a viable option as the slices of large trees are difficult to come by, expensive, and extremely heavy and bulky to move.

Knife throwers use targets from edge wood which makes it much easier to stick, but the sheer force of axes destroys the edge targets quickly. Additionally they are difficult to draw targets on and they are difficult to manufacturer.

2 x 10 Axe Throwing targets

Throwing facilities decided the best alternative was to settle for 2 x 10 boards screwed to a backboard. Easy to obtain at any hardware store, easy to draw on with a big marker, it was a simple solution.

Unfortunately, these axe throwing targets are plagued with problems, such as the center boards get destroyed in an hour or two and must be continually replaced. Targets have to be redrawn, the lane has to be shut down while boards are removed and screwed back into place.

Perhaps the biggest problem however, is how difficult it is for new throwers to stick their axes into these targets.

End Grain Axe Throwing Targets That Last!

Dozens of trial and error revisions went in to the creation of an end grain axe throwing target that can withstand the forces of repeated axe throwing. A unique internal locking design that allows the 6 x 6 blocks to act as one giant target inspired us to start the patent process for it.

This design additionally lets you disassemble and re-stack your target to replace single boards that get a lot of hits with others that don't. This makes for a target that can literally last 100's of hours!

No Bounce Borders!

We've all seen the YouTube videos. An axe hits the ground, bounces off the floor, hits a foot below the target and comes flying dangerously back towards the thrower. Look at any standard lane and you will see a horizontal bottom board chopped up, looking ugly, and leaving sawdust all over the ground.

Our no bounce system allows for a projected score board above the target while eliminating the dangerous bounces and damage that errant thrown axes cause.

Available with Mouse or Touch Screen Options

We feel the mouse interface is a much more natural way to interact with the target system, but some locations, due to lack of space, may prefer a touch screen mounted in the lane. You can add the touch screen option for just $125 to an Axcitement system.

projected Digital targets

No painting and multiple games

End Grain Targets

Easier stick and
long lasting

SAfeset Lane designs

Stop potentially
Dangerous bounces

bookings and waivers

online reservations
and waivers

Full Web design

Turn Key design for
your web page

Do it for your customers

We Build Axe Throwing Lanes

We are a company that can do complete axe lane construction for you. Compare our pricing and features to the other guys and you will be amazed. We will drive to your location and do a complete lane build in normally in about 1-2 days per target. So a 10 target facility can be a turn key construction project from a bare room to ready to throw axes, normally in under a few weeks. Check out some of the build outs we’ve done on our building Axe Lanes page.  Quality construction, safe divided targets for increased revenue,  anti-bounce borders for a safer facility, end grain targets for a superior customer experience. These are just a hand full of the advantages of having our company build out your axe lanes and axe throwing facility. Call us today at 972-956-5500 to learn more about our axe lane construction department.

Reduced Labor Costs

Stop replacing boards and drawing circles

Enhanced Customer Experience

Easy scoring and multiple game modes

Lower Product Costs

Targets last 100's of hours
End Grain Targets are safer

Are you the first location to use digital projected targets in your area?

Don't be the last!

The industry exploded

Axe facilities are starting up every day. Some only miles from another facility. This is a common occurance for any new venture. Remember escape rooms? One on every corner, and now just a few survive.

Will everyone survive?

Obviously not. Provide the best customer service and the best amenities to provide an unparalleled customer experience and you can build a winning business model. If you think our target systems can help with those goals - we happen to agree!

Easy to stick Targets

Unique Axe throwing Targets

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