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Projected axe throwing software

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Axcitement is the premier solution for all of your axe throwing needs - offering touch screens, auto detection, and self-scoring

Axcitement Software is Your Top Pick for Axe Throwing Success!

Explore the unparalleled excellence of Axcitement, your ultimate solution for all things axe throwing. Elevate your axe throwing venue with cutting-edge features including touch screens, automatic detection, and self-scoring capabilities. Discover a new level of precision and innovation with Axcitement – where axe throwing meets state-of-the-art technology.

At Axcitement, we are passionate about axe throwing. With ownership of multiple axe throwing facilities boasting a total of 24 lanes, we offer more than just an axe throwing system – we bring a wealth of hands-on experience to the table. Here are just some of the reasons we are the number one pick for your axe throwing solutions.

Guidance From The Pros

Axcitement provides you with invaluable guidance and insights into the world of axe throwing. With a deep understanding of the industry, we offer expert assistance to ensure your venture’s success.

Comprehensive support

Beyond offering the most entertaining and immersive projected axe throwing software, we go the extra mile. We assist in creating custom axe venues, design responsive websites, and connect you with trusted partners for booking software and waivers, providing all-in-one solutions.

Business Wisdom

Introducing Larry, the owner of Axcitement, boasting a wealth of experience spanning many years. His pragmatic advice, grounded in practical know-how, can help steer your business toward success. Beyond his expertise, Larry is the proud owner of three thriving axe-throwing facilities, adding hands-on experience to his impressive repertoire.

Client Focused

At Axcitement, we take pride in our top-tier customer service. As a small, family-owned business, we’re not a faceless corporation – when you reach out, you’re likely to speak directly with the owner or one of our friendly staff. No waiting for a support ticket; we’re here to assist you promptly.

Call us today to discover why individuals choose Axcitement for unparalleled expertise, steadfast support, and a personalized touch that can elevate their axe throwing venture to extraordinary heights. We go beyond the role of a typical supplier – we stand as your dedicated partner in the thrilling realm of axe throwing.

Automatic detection
for axe throwing

Customers throw and the system will detect their hits and misses!
Learn more about auto-detection for axe throwing here. 

Clean looking
Touch screens

your axe throwing business will
look high-tech with our touch screens!

What the Axcitement Projected axe throwing system System Offers

Anti-Bounce Borders

End Grain Targets

Projected Targets

Digital Scoring

Happy Customers

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The Axcitement system offers a captivating wide range of thrilling games that delivers an unparalleled level of thrill and entertainment






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We’ve earned the trust of more customers across diverse locations than any other axe throwing league, organization, or projected system company out there.

"We have SIX axe throwing lanes here at Tinman Social, and it is easily one of the most exciting attractions within our walls."
"We love Axcitement!! For us it’s about the thrill of the games you can play! We aren’t stuck with one painted target now! You can play 11 games on the same target! No more getting bored with the board! Come check out what’s new! 🤠"

Step into the next level of axe throwing

find out why our anti-bounce borders and precision end-grain targets set us apart

End-Grain Targets

Our end-grain axe throwing targets are the result of extensive refinement and testing. The unique internal locking mechanism transforms the 6 x 6 blocks into a single, sturdy target.

Designed to withstand the forces of repeated axe throwing, this design enables you to easily disassemble and re-stack your targets. By replacing individual boards, you can extend the lifespan of your targets, saving both time and money. Experience durability and efficiency like never before.


Anti-Bounce Borders

We’ve all witnessed those videos where an axe ricochets off the floor, hits below the target, and dangerously flies back towards the thrower. If you take a glance at any regular lane, you’ll notice a chopped-up bottom board, looking unsightly and leaving sawdust scattered on the ground.

Our innovative no-bounce system solves these issues. It features a projected scoreboard above the target, eliminating the hazards and damages caused by axes that stray off course. Experience a safer and cleaner axe throwing environment with our cutting-edge technology.


“Axe-pand” Your Venue's Appeal with Customized Axe Throwing Lanes!

Your axe throwing facility should stand out from the competition!

projected interactive Digital targets

Say goodbye to tedious circle drawing and hello to a variety of engaging interactive games!


Saving you money through prolonged durability and also streamlines maintenance.

Lane Designs with
Safety in mind

Ensure customer safety by preventing axe recoil hazards.

Web design

A website should not only have an appealing design but also deliver seamless functionality.

Tailored axe throwing solutions

Choose Your Components or Opt for Turn-Key Customization!

We specialize in building thrilling axe throwing experiences

We are a company that can do complete axe lane construction for you. Compare our pricing and features to the other guys and you will be amazed.

We’re committed to making it as convenient as possible for you. Our team will come to your location, and in a mere one to two days per target, we’ll transform your space. Even for a 10-target facility, we can swiftly turn an empty room into a fully operational axe throwing venue, ensuring a rapid and hassle-free setup process.

Explore our Building Axe Lanes page to see some of our exceptional build-outs. Our craftsmanship ensures top-quality construction, with safety in mind through divided targets to boost revenue, anti-bounce borders for a secure facility, and end grain targets for an unparalleled customer experience. These are just a few of the advantages you gain when choosing our company to construct your axe lanes and axe-throwing facility.

But why limit the excitement to just one location? Elevate your axe throwing experience to new heights by taking it on the road with our exclusive custom axe throwing trailers. Discover the convenience and thrill of mobile axe throwing – find out more about this unique offering right here. Your adventure knows no bounds with our mobile axe throwing trailers!

Call us today at 409-572-9101 to take your axe throwing venue project to the next level.

Create an Irresistible Venue
that Draws Customers In

Convenient and Turnkey Solutions

Rapid and Hassle Free Setup

Exceptional Craftsmanship and Safety