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Time for a change

Perfect House Axe

Easy To Throw

We have been using this very sturdy and easy-to-throw axe at our facilities for months with rave reviews from our axe masters and customers! We tried lots of axes over the years. Our favorite was the Kobalt axe from Lowes, but they changed the handle, increased the price, and have limited availability.

We needed good, reliable axes to use in our facilities. We contacted a manufacturer to create an axe similar to the Kobalt, but greatly improved! There is no blue paint on the handle to mar boards, the handle has a slightly reduced curve for a better throwing grip, and double spacers in the eye make for a very secure head.

We’re so excited about this axe that we decided to be a wholesale provider! We would like to offer you additional axes at a very reasonable price.

Double Wedges

The head is held securely on the handle with the double wedge construction. Ideal for a house axe for durability.

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The 1.25 lb head is securely attached to a 14" (360mm) American hickory handle with dual round spacer shims. Available with our without laser engraved logo on the handle.

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T1 Tournament Axe

Larger Blade and Handle

The individual that wants to move to the next level of axe throwing may want an axe with slightly different features. A 4″ blade with a flatter profile is preferred for maximizing the hit coverage. A slightly heavier head weighing in at 1.6 lbs pairs nicely with a 16″ straight handle.

You can see the size comparison of our standard house axe (on the left) and the T1 Tournament Axe on the right.

Some locations like having a more professional option for throwers that want to try something a little different or have problems sticking the standard axe. The extra head weight lets you use a light touch throw and let the mass of the blade sink the axe for you.

Sheath included with purchase.

Tournament Axe