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Axe Throwing Auto Detection Software

Our Moving Targets and Auto Detection will be at IAAPA.

What better place to showcase our state of the art detection and moving target systems than IAAPA in Orlando in November.  We will have one of our custom trailers inside the show in booth 3690 where you can come and check out all the latest moving games along with our auto detection systems.

This system will easily be added to existing locations, or if purchasing new, you can get it with all the bells and whistles included! 

The most affordable, full featured system in the industry.. the first, the largest, the choice by more locations than all others put together! 

Come see for yourself!

Axe Auto Scoring FAQ

1) How does Axe Auto Scoring actually work?
A special 3D sensor is mounted where it can see the entire target area. When an axe, or star sticks, it sees it and translates the spot it stuck into the same thing as a click of the mouse or a touch of the touch screen.

2) Is the auto scoring of the axe placement accurate?
Extremely! The sensors that we use are the same ones that are used in industry for complex manufacturing processes, detection on robotic equipment and other systems that require accurate detection.

3) What are Moving Axe Target Games?
One of the main benefits of having detection is you are able to play a whole new type of game. Now instead of just throwing at a Zombie head that sits at one spot on the target,  the zombies can be moving about the target and you have to hit them as they float about!  If you have to guess if you hit it as it was moving and touchscreen or click, you may not be sure, but with the instantaneous accuracy of the auto scoring sensors, you can throw at targets that don’t want to stand still!

4) Is the Axe Auto Detection Module hard to set up?
You will have to make a little place to mount the sensor, then simply hook up a USB cable (provided) to the sensor that runs to the computer. Then run the calibration system and you are ready to start detecting!

5) I’ve seen detection systems by they were thousands and thousands of dollars! How much will this cost?
That’s one of the great things about the Axcitement Axe Auto Scoring Detection System. A complete lane setup will cost less than half of what other systems cost, and to add on the system to your existing Axcitement System will be extremely affordable!

6) I’m sold! When can I order?
We will be taking orders at (and just before) the IAAPA Show which is in Mid November – so won’t be long now! Oh, and we have a special new moving game that will be yours FREE when you order the detection system! Can’t wait to show off our newest game and detection system, so hope you can stop by our Booth 3690 at IAAPA!