Axcitement FAQ / Troubleshooting

NOTE: These instructions assume you have upgraded to the newer version. You should see the duck hunter game plus others. If you have not upgraded, do that first.

Table of Contents

Your license has expired or you have no internet connection - Normally a WIFI Issue

We have seen this when someone changed WiFi passwords on the router and didn’t update the computers using that WiFi, or sometimes routers just error out, and the computers may have tried to connect to too many different WiFi sources. This is normally an easy fix. If it happens consistently to you, you may want to consider adding a WiFi booster near your lanes, or switching to a hard wired internet for the units.

If your annual license is not expired (you can check in your admin Axcitement Admin panel – explained below):

    1. Exit the program (Ctrl + C and enter your admin password) (Note: if Ctrl + C doesn’t work, you have not updated your system -try Alt + Space and make sure you update after you get on the internet.)
    2. Right Click on the WiFi symbol near the top right and choose edit connections from the drop down.NOTE: if you have any problem closing the program or accessing the internet connections from steps 1 and 2 above, an alternate way to access the internet connections is restart the computer. When you see the top menu, click on the BlueBird icon at the top left.  Mouse over Preferences, then click on Advanced Network Configuration
    3. In the white box, click on any of the internet connections.
    4. At the Bottom Left of the white box containing the internet connection you will see a + and a – button.
    5. Click the – button and choose delete connection.
    6. Repeat until all the internet connections are gone.
    7. Click the Blue Bird Circle at the top left of the Linux Menu.
    8. Choose Leave –> Reboot
    9. When the computer reboots it will start the program again and you should get the same message.
    10. Again Exit the program (Ctrl + C and enter your admin password)
    11. Left (normal) click on the computer with the Red X on it at the top right. (See image below)
    12. Choose the correct WiFi and enter the password. (if you enter the wrong password, you may need to repeat the above steps)
    13. Click the Axcitement Logo on the left half of the screen to restart the program. It will check for updates, and restart within a minute or so.

Computer with red X shows no internet connection. Axcitement with down arrow will download the software again (normally best to just check for updates in the admin… this is for emergency tech support help)

From left to right, the Blue Bird for rebooting, file folder, only used for tech support, chrome browser, Zoom call for tech support if we need to access your computer, and to the right of that you see the Axcitement restart the app icon.

If this does not fix it, you can also try rebooting your router. Another way to check if you have internet, is after exiting the program click on the Chrome Browser icon and type in SpeedTest.  If you have internet, there should be a blue button after the first paragraph that says Run Speed Test. Click that and see what your speed is – and if you don’t see any of this… you probably still don’t have your internet hooked up right. If the internet is OK, then your license may indeed be expired.

Access your Axcitement Control Panel on your desktop or laptop computer to renew licenses or purchase new games

From your laptop or desktop computer (not from the Axcitement computer) go to the link to log in to your Admin Panel.

There you will log in with your email and password.

For complete instructions on signing in, you can watch this video.

It will also explain how to check and renew licenses, and how to purchase new games.

Keyboard and or Mouse problems

It is possible that when booting up, the keyboard or mouse fail to be recognized by the computer. This is normally the case when all the power is cut to the computers, and they all try to boot at once which can also make the mouse or keyboard on one lane get picked up by the computer on another. Make sure you have constant on power to the computers and they are not switched off.

We have also seen locations where they just had power outages in the evening… just a few seconds, but that would cycle all the computers at once and cause the mouse / keyboards to mess up.  If you have that issue, think about putting in a batter backup on the line for the computers.

To re-establish the connection, go to computers one at a time. Make sure they have good batteries in them, and then try unplugging the dongle.  Wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in.

If that doesn’t work, try rebooting the computer.  Ctrl + C and your code to close the app. Then click the blue bird at the top left, and choose leave, reboot. If unsuccessful, try rebooting without the dongle, then plug it in. After the connection is established, it should not drop during normal use, but if it does, run through the same series of steps again.

It is possible that a unit stops working – after all a keyboard can go out in an office, and an axe throwing facility with people accidentally spilling drinks in them, dropping a mouse on the floor etc., is even worse on them. That’s why we send a spare when you purchase, and if needed, you can go buy any wireless keyboard and mouse that uses a dongle and replace it if need be.

I need to flip or invert my screen 180 Degrees

There are normally two reasons to need to do this.

  1. You are doing it on purpose, as you want to mount the projector coming down from the ceiling.
  2. It accidentally got turned and you need to turn it back.

First, we need to determine how much rotation you need. If you need the entire image inverted, (it’s upside down) you will probably want to solve that with the remote for the projector… and it’s probably why it got turned in the first place! The projector has a feature that you can table mount it, (right side up) or ceiling mount it (upside down) so they make it easy to switch back and forth.  Unfortunately, more than not, we get a call from a frantic owner that says everything is upside down and they don’t know why.  It is almost always they left a remote out, and an employee or customer pushed the wrong button. That is why we suggest putting the remote back in the office after you turn on your units, so no one can hit settings that will goof up the display.

The good news is it’s an easy fix. Just hold down the AV Mute button on the remote for 5 seconds and the image inverts

You can also go change the settings from the menu selections, but this is a little more lengthy:

I need to rotate my image left or right 90 degrees

This would be needed if you are mounting the projector on it’s side, as we do in a trailers, and some people due to height and size requirements, decide to do it in their fixed lanes as well.

The first step is exit the Axcitement program with Ctrl + C and your admin password.

If using the windows version, right click on the desktop, and choose display settings. Look for orientation, and choose the setting that works with the way you set up your projector.

If using the Linux version, look for an image that shows rotate left, orient normal or rotate right. Click on the one you need, then restart the Axcitement program.  Your selection will be saved for the next time you open the program.