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Can you charge more for projected targets?

You can charge more for projected targets... but should you?

We have some locations that have some standard targets, but the are adding our systems as well. A lot of them have 2 tier pricing… $25 an hour for standard targets, $35 an hour for projected end grain targets.

Is this a good idea?

At first glance it appears to be, you are making more money if someone wants the cooler system.  The problem is a lot of people are in the frame of mind, “I’m not sure if we’ll like axe throwing, so lets the the cheaper option.”

The problem is, that might be a self fulfilling prophecy!  They went with the cheaper version, so they didn’t like it.. .so will they come back?

Some take the attitude that the customer will see the other targets, so maybe they will come back to try them. But there is the chance they will just decide axe throwing is not for them.

It’s interesting as a projected axe throwing lane actually costs a facility less to run! Since people are throwing all over the board, your wood last longer, it drops your labor costs, and yet they want to charge more because of the better experience.

I had one location that had 6 projected, 6 standard where they charged 10 more per hour for the projected, tell me that they were not going to convert them all because a lot of people still picked the standard. The question then, is did they pick that because it was cheaper? I suggested next time someone came in that booked for the standard, tell them they can upgrade to the projected targets at no charge… almost all did! Which probably tells you something.

So think of the experience you are delivering, not just squeezing out the extra few bucks, as if you make your customers have a great experience, that revenue will return many times over.

My father gave me some great advice once that might apply here.  “Don’t make a sale.  Make a customer. If you have enough happy customers, you never will have to worry about sales.”

Smart man.