How to run an Axe Throwing League

Here is an Axe League Concept that is totally different!

Many have asked, "How can I run an axe throwing league?" And we have an answer!

So, it may not come as a huge surprise that the company that totally changed axe throwing, has totally changed axe throwing leagues!

With normal league play, you may or may not do it with one of the agencies, but then probably have to pay them for each participant. Also, you have a ton of work to do to track scores, post leader boards and standings, etc.

The other draw back of that, is you probably have a small hand full of experienced throwers, and you pretty much know in advance, they are going to win, and the other 40 people are going to look at a leader board and see that they don’t stand a chance.

Let's change the way you run your axe league!

If you want to try something different, step one is hop on line, and find a place (there are a ton of them) that do custom printed poker chips. Then get yourself a mix, let’s assume the reds are 1, green are 5, blue are 10 and black are 50.  So now here is how you run your league!

Everyone that shows up for the axe league night, gets a 1 point chip. Have your axe masters hand them out. Now put together your game rules on how you earn more chips.  Some examples:

Hit a Kill Shot, get a chip.
Hit 5 bullseyes in a row, get a chip.
Take out all 10 zombies, win a chip.
Win a match of Tic Tac Toe, get a chip.
Win Connect 4 Game, get a chip.

Come up with more “chip incentives”. If you come practice during the week, you get a chip.  Bring in a new player and get a chip.

So now, when people come and play on your axe league night, they may leave with 1, 3, 7, 12 chips that night.  Get too many 1’s, then trade them if for greens or blues.

The beauty of this system… you keep track of nothing!  You just have axe masters with a little holder of chips, and they watch games and hand them out during the night, and the players take them home.

Now at the end of your league, normally 6 weeks, or 8 weeks, you have an auction.  “How much for this laser engraved axe?  Can I get 10 chips.. 10.. or 15, do I hear 20??”     “Up next is one of our awesome T shirts… 5 chips.. who will give me 5, how about 10….”

So you auction off a bunch of swag, some gift certificates, etc, get your chips back and do it again a few weeks later.  Some of the customers might still have some chips left, so they definitely want to sign up for the next league, they already have 20 chips, so maybe they can get a sweatshirt with your logo next time.  Also don’t forget to make entry for your next Axe League one of the auction items.

This is so fun and solves so many problems. Even a new, bad thrower can get a few chips, and maybe get a sticker, or a coke…. and not be embarrassed they are on some sheet showing they are the worst there! People can pool chips together to try to win bigger prizes. You don’t have to track anything! If someone doesn’t show up one night, that’s fine, they just will end up with fewer chips for the auction and they show them off to their friends with your logo on them!

Good Kick Off Promo

If you want to really promote the new league concept, hire or rent one of those black jack dealers, then have a thing where everyone can buy in for chips (different chips) and all the money goes to a charity.  Then they can buy your chips with winnings from the black jack game chips.

TV and Radio love clever charity ideas, and with a bit of phone calls and emails, you should be able to get a ton of promo time for your league. Do the black jack night the week before it officially starts, but still had out your chips to each attendee, and sign everyone up for the league that starts the next week.

It’s a bit different… but if you like it, feel free to give it a shot!  I did it in my location with several different activities using the chips, and it was the easiest, most successful fun events we have done.

Best of Luck!

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