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Can Projected Axe Throwing Targets Be Outside?

Yes! Just have to supply a little shade.

We have had multiple outdoor companies want to add axe throwing including golf courses, mini golf, ropes course, and outdoor Karting companies.

One simple solution is to get one of our Mobile Axe Trailers.  If, however, you don’t need to move it around, you might be cheaper off, and offer a better experience by building some outdoor lean to sheds, or pavilions and putting the lanes in there.

A few considerations you will want to take into account are weather and light. Position the building so light is reduced during the hours you will be open. For example, most locations will get their business in the afternoon and evenings, and since the sun sets in the west, it would probably make the most sense to have the opening pointing east, and the build is closed in on the west side. That will stop ambient light from bouncing into the target area as the sun is going down.

Some areas like southern California may not have to worry about rain as much a place in Seattle. How big to make over hangs in case of weather, etc may vary from location to location.

The nice thing about the Axcitement Projected Axe Throwing Systems, is they are extremely versatile in how you set them up. You can mount the projectors up high, out of the way of weather, or mount them lower on the sides where they are easy to get to so you can remove them and bring them inside on days you are not open, or weather looks bad.

Other considerations will be making sure the location you pick can get electrical outlets for the equipment and WiFi, or hard wired internet for updates.