Does it have to be dark for Projected Axe Targets?


This is one of the most common questions we get when people ask about our systems. And the answer is No! 

Now let’s be honest, you can watch a tv in your home with the windows wide open and every light on in the house. You can still see it. But people who build media rooms in their house, or if you go to a theater, they kill the lights. Why? It just looks better!

I personally believe that a facility should be dimly lit – but that is a personal preference. You can read my “Business Rant” where I mention that!

But even if you have a brightly lit room, you just want to limit the amount of light that hits the target boards themselves, as that will improve the look.

Following is a build out we did at the Foxwood Casino and Resort, and check out the difference with lights and without. Just mouse over the picture to swap images.

You can see that we even sell Axe Trailers, and again, we put on a roof, on, and on a bright day, we shade the sides a bit, but either way, the targets look far superior to some magic marker circles! So don’t worry about some light in your location… Dim it down would be my suggestion, but if not… now worries!  It will still look great!

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