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Why put the Axe Target projector up high?

Do not look directly into the sun!
Do not look directly into a projector!

You can be out on a sunny day, looking around, and not hurt your eyes but we all know we should not look directly into the sun. The same is true with projectors!

This is why we suggest putting your projector 12 foot up and 12 foot back.  Does not have to be exactly there, but let’s minimize the direct light at the eyes of the thrower retrieving their axe.

Maybe you’ve done a presentation with a projector, at the front of the classroom or meeting, and you point at some bar graphs and charts, then turn to look back at your audience. If the projector is sitting on a table, and the people you are presenting to are at about the same height, it means you are looking directly into the projector which is blinding you  – in more ways than one!  That is why class rooms will have ceiling mounted projectors. It’s ok if the light hits you – just like it’s ok if the sunlight hits you… just don’t look directly into it.


Mount the projector out of eye level


Someone posing for a their first bullseye while a friend takes a pic for their facebook page becomes a squinting, uncomfortable experience.

Studies have shown that it can not only be irritating, but dangerous!

Indeed, can projectors hurt eyes? Yeah, most any light that you stare into directly can hurt your naked eye. Most projectors have light sources that stay around 6 kilowatts, which is entirely unsuitable for the human eye.

We understand that having to get on a ladder to get to your projector may be a little more hassle, but the good news is, you just turn it on with a remote, and aside from checking or cleaning a filter every now and then, you don’t need to get to it! And for a safer and more comfortable experience for your customers, we feel it’s worth it!

So just like the sun, it’s OK if it hits your face – just don’t have angles that make you look directly into it!