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Online Axe Throwing Bookings & Waivers

Book Axe Lanes

We also started and ran a booking and waiver company for years. It’s actually how we got into the axe throwing, having axe locations call us for a good solution for bookings. With the constant improvements and new game development for our projected axe lanes, we really did not have time to keep up with the booking software as well, so we sold that division to another company. It still exists, and actually I am a consultant for them on the software, so if you need a booking solution, along with the target needs, we can assist you with that as well. In fact we will help you set it up if we are doing your web page too, and help get it integrated for you.

It’s easy to set up how many lanes you have, and then have them booked out with min and max number of throwers, times, dates, etc. Choose to have customers put down deposits or pay in full, and no pass on Percentage commissions or fees like the other guys!

Our complete turn key web design for axe throwing facilities – no money down and just $245 a month! Then add the bookings and waivers for another $100 a month or so if you wish.

Check out the web page and book a demo, or just give us a call!