Design An Axe Throwing Facility – Lane Dimensions

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How much space do you need for an axe throwing facility?

Many people in the starting stages of their business call us and ask questions concerning how to design an axe throwing facility. They are trying to figure out how much space they need, and how to configure it.  There are so many different sized buildings available, it is difficult for us to give a definitive answer to design your axe facility for all locations. That will be your architect that will help with that, but let’s take a look at some design basics here.

Axe Throwing Lane Dimensions

Here is a basic box type location, and we can look at a few aspects of the sizing to help you analyze your potential space. If you look at that image (click on it to enlarge) you can see the squares are 3′ x 3′ so that is a 48 x 54 foot facility or about 2600 square feet of space.

The Axe Throwing Lane dimensions (check out the image at the top of the page) are about 6′ wide, and the divider comes out 12′.  The thrower will stand right about at the divider line – you can see the yellow box in our drawing, and on the floor in the image above. That throwing and safety zone is as wide as the lane and about 5 or 6 feet deep.

Then just outside the throwing / safety area you will probably have tables for people to sit, the spectators and other throwers.

Click image to enlarge

Lane Dimensions on 1 or 2 targets per lane

Now keep in mind, for multiple reasons we highly suggest having divided axe throwing lanes for safety and increased revenue.

This lane dimensions are based on that assumption.

Image 2

Image 3

You can choose to have the tables be parallel or perpendicular to the throwing lanes based on your space and preference. With the above picture on the left you can see one table is shared between two lanes.

No matter how you set them up, make sure you leave enough room for people to walk between the tables to move up to the axe lane throwing area.  In this configuration, you can see that each axe lane including lane, throwing and safety area, table, and walk space will end up taking up 6′ by about 24 feet of depth.

Our grid drawing shows this mirrored on the other side of the building. If the building is long and skinny, the setup may look more like image 2.

The image 2 above is a view from one of my security cameras at one of my locations. The dimensions of that room is 26 feet deep – so from the target back wall (on the left) to the sheet rock wall at the right is 26 feet. The room is 68 feet long, and we have enough room in there for 10 lanes and a little closet for supplies.  Now that room does not have our check in, lobby, restrooms, etc as that is in the other part of the building that also houses our paintball fields. But hopefully that gives you  a feel for use of space.

The amount of other space you will need will depend on how big (if any) of an office do you want. Do you want a sitting area away from the lanes? A bar? Concession counter? Do you need restrooms in the location? One unisex restroom or one men’s and one women’s?

You will also have to determine where are emergency exits, electrical panels, sprinkler systems, or any other items in the location that cannot be easily moved.

So after figuring the lanes, you then need to think of the costs.

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