Wood or metal handled axes for axe throwing?

wood handle axes vs metal handled axes

Are Wood Handled Throwing Axes Safer?

There has been a lot of discussion on what is the best handle for throwing axes. A lot started when a metal handled axe came flying back at a thrower in a viral video.  While the real solution to this is the Anti Bounce border system to stop Axe bounce Back without these safety measures we also would want to look at the axes.

The Estwing axe is a popular throwing axe in a lot of axe throwing facilities, and you can see from the picture at the top of this page that it is a metal handled axe. Over the metal handle, you will see there is a blue rubber covering that extends past the metal handle by about half an inch or so.

The rubber covering acts like a super ball if you drop this axe on the handle! It bounces! Between the bouncy rubber and the metal shaft that does not absorb any energy (it returns it like shown in the video on the anti bounce border systems) – so we have created a potentially dangerous situation.

You may ask, “Why would anyone use metal handled throwing axes?”  Easy answer. To save money. Wood handled axes can crack if they hit at a bad angle… Wood baseball bats crack… aluminum ones do not.  So in an attempt to pinch a penny, some axe throwing venues will use rubber coated metal handled axes because the handles never break.

If you are staring, or running an axe throwing venue, please don’t skimp. Please avoid metal handle throwing axes. If you are heading to a place to throw axes – ask them in advance what their axe handles are made of.

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