Add Axe throwing To Your Business

End Grain Targets are safer

You can add axe throwing to many different business models

  • Add axe throwing to a paintball field
  • Add axe throwing to laser tag
  • Add axe throwing to FEC
  • Add axe throwing to escape rooms
  • Add axe throwing to restaurants
  • Add axe throwing to pool halls
  • Add axe throwing to bars


One of the beautiful things about the axe throwing business is it can be an easy add on to almost any other business. When trying do decide if axe throwing fits in your business, there are many things to consider.  Space. Cost. Demographics. Expertise Required.

You will find that axe throwing checks all the boxes that might be important to you if contemplating adding axe to your business. Lanes only take a foot print of 6′ x 25 feet including seating and viewing areas. The Cost of building axe lanes will depend on your abilities. Yyou can DIY the project, or have professional contractors build out your location for about $5,000 per lane.

One of the most inviting things about the axe business as an add on is that it appeals to a very wide demographic. For example, at paintball and laser tag fields, the clientele is normally younger. Depending on your insurance requirements, you can have axe throwing for ages as young as 8 years old. Some even offer younger than that. But not only the kids, the parents love to partake!

We found at our locations, the Moms and Dads would throw axes while the kids were playing paintball, so they were not in as much of a hurry to leave – increasing the revenue for both aspects of the business.

Especially with the end grain targets, the other beauty is people have success very quickly, and there is not a lot of expertise required for someone to run an axe business inside their other activities. It is easy to train your Axe Coaches.

Really any business that has an extra 300 square feet or so can drop in a few lanes. That is why we you will see escape rooms, restaurants, bars, etc all adding some axe throwing. 

We added Keller Axe Throwing inside our Fort Worth / Keller Paintball Location and now it’s a large portion of our revenue.

Compare to the space a pool table takes up, with the space for people shooting, and you have less space occupied for an axe lane. And instead of people playing for a small stack of quarters, they are paying $25 or more per hour each!

We have added axe throwing recently to Trampoline and Kart Racing locations. Plus we have a franchise food chain that is now adding our equipment to all their locations.

If you have any desire to add axe throwing to your existing business, reach out to us and we can help you decide if it looks like a wise decision for you!

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