What’s the secret to getting an axe to stick?

There are several elements that go into sticking an axe. It simply requires that you throw the axe in such a way that the rotation has the blade hit the target! That’s it! Now while that seems simple (and actually is), let’s examine a few of the elements at play.

First is what is the target made of. Harder wood will be harder to stick. And you will find that end grain targets are the easiest of all. We have a great video on the difference between standard boards and end grain  here: End Grain Targets

Then the other elements are getting the axe to rotate properly, doing one complete rotation in the air between letting go and it hitting. That requires a combination of the where to hold the axe, keeping your wrist solid (don’t spin it toward the target) and where to stand.

Check out this video for a complete break down on how to get your customers to have great success when they throw.

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