What is the minimum age for axe throwing?

Many people ask “What is the minimum age for axe throwing?” Different locations may have different age requirements for people to throw axes. At my locations we can start at age 8 according to our insurance requirements. And we have a unique location in that we have indoor paintball and Nerf fields, so we see a lot of younger customers.

A lot of conventional axe throwing locations would see axe throwers at that age no having much success. With end grain targets, the minimum age for axe throwing has come way down because it’s so much easier to stick your axes.

While it’s the kids parents that are normally throwing axes, sometimes the kids want to try to throw an axe too. If a child is not old enough. we keep some of these suction cup foam axes and let kids throw throw them at a glass wall we have. They have fun, and feel like they are throwing axes just like Dad!

Another thing that can lower the minimum age for axe throwing is to make sure you have some lighter axes, and even ninja stars that are very easy and fun to throw.

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