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Getting Hard Wired Internet Without Hard Wires!

The Axcitement systems can run wifi, or with a hard wired internet. Running a hard wired internet is normally better as it  causes less ip conflicts and more security, and assures there is a good internet connection. The Axcitement app will warn you if an internet connection is not present, and you can then make modifications to get the internet to the boxes.

Some of our customers (and actually at both of my locations) it was not easy to get a Ethernet cord pulled all the way from the router over to where the lanes are.

The nice thing is there is a very easy and inexpensive way to solve this. The TP-Link AV1000 is a simple device that can save you from having to pull wires, because it uses the power wires in your building!

The unit comes with 2 boxes, and it’s as easy as plugging them in near each other, then hit the link buttons on the side of the units. They create a link through the outlet wires.  Then you simply plug one in next to your router, and run an ethernet cable in to the bottom of the unit. The second unit, put up next to your projectors,. Then you can plug in another ethernet cable into the bottom of that unit, and run it to an appropriate sized switch or hub to allow hard wiring for all your units.

If you have lanes that are not near each other, you can buy multiple units, and put them in different places through out your facility.

What if you have no internet?

If you are in a situation with no internet, there is still an option. Keep in mind, they do not have to have a constant internet connection, just “phone home” a few times a week. And they will attempt that on boot up.

We have people with trailers, and they need to have their unit phone in, and one way to do it is bring the computer in to a place that has internet, plug in the Ethernet cord and power it up.  But another option is a little device called a Slate.

This little device can easily be tethered to your phone, then has ethernet ports on it. Just hook up to your phone as a hot spot, and turn your wireless hot spot into a wired one. It takes very little data to phone home, and even updates are not very large, so if you find yourself in a situation where you need to get wired internet with only  a phone – you can with this guy!